Patio wrought iron furniture, garden accessories, hammocks and outdoor cushions.

Patio furniture is a type of furniture designed for outdoor use. It is typically made of weather resistant materials, like treated wood, metal, plastic, glass, vinyl and stone. Patio furniture is often sold as a patio set, a table four or six chairs and an umbrella. Patios can serve as a place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Usually, patio furniture items my include adirondack chairs, arbors, beach chairs, benches, hammocks, umbrellas, planters, porch swings, potting benches, bird baths, dog houses, fountains, garden bridges, grills, sundials, torches, weather vanes, and wind chimes. Click here for an online patio furniture storefront offering great outdoor and patio furniture, conversation set deals.

Patio furniture terms explained:
Adirondack chair - A type of chair used primarily outdoors. Arbor - A shaded sitting place in your garden. Bird bath - A shallow basin filled with water for bathing, used as an attraction for birds. Chaise lounge - An upholstered couch in the shape of a chair. Fountain - An arrangement where water issues from a source, fills a basin, and is drained away. Grill - A charcoal or gas-fueled device used for cooking food. Hammock - A network of thin rope, streched between 2 points, used to sleep or rest in. Parasol - An umbrella made for protection against rain or sun. Porch swing - A hanging seat, usually found on a porch for relaxing. Sundial - A device that measures time by the position of the Sun. Torch - A portable source of fire, used as a source of light. Trellis - A structure that supports many types of climbing plants. Umbrella - A collapsible canopy that protects from sun or rain. Weather vane - A movable device attached to the roof a house for showing the direction of the wind. Wind chime - Hollow or solid metal tubes, which hung outside and are played by the wind, producing pleasant sounds.

Contemporary Dining Set Cushion 1293
Contemporary Dining Set Cushion

Set has dining chairs with sesame seat cushions, rectangular dining table. Chairs cast aluminum basket weave design seat, table has removable umbrella hole cover. Sesame colored seat cushion made of polyester. Pow.

Dining Set Removable Plug Umbrella 1294
Dining Set Removable Plug Umbrella

Set has table, chairs. Teak is a wood alternative developed from polystyrene. It look of wood without weathering process or maintenance. Sling pvc coated polyester mesh woven using pvc coated polyester.

Tent Sofa Cushions 1297
Tent Sofa Cushions

The seater tent is weather resistant resin wicker, over a rust proof powder coated aluminum frame. uv protected resin is, will stand harshest outdoor elements. cushion is made wit.

Dining Set Cushions 1298
Dining Set Cushions

Turn to dining for outdoor dining. swivel dining chairs offer a degree spin, rocking performance you entertain guests around cast top dining table. cast accents add a level of sophi.

Sasso Dining Set Cushions 1299
Sasso Dining Set Cushions

Use view outside with feel of inside dining. oval table gives display with its scroll work. swivel rockers embody a sense of relaxation after dinner. stationary chairs are stackable for storage.

Crescent Sofa Cushions 1302
Crescent Sofa Cushions

A blend of comfort, style, takes outdoors seriously. Crescent with cushions is longevity in mind, combines design, luscious fabrics with hefty.

Adirondack chairs

Michigan State Wrinkle Pub Table 2301
Michigan State Black Wrinkle Pub Table

Michigan State Wrinkle Pub Table - Holland Bar Stool Co

Minnesota Wild Wrinkle Pub Table 2303
Minnesota Wild Black Wrinkle Pub Table

Minnesota Wild Wrinkle Pub Table - Holland Bar Stool Co

Outdoor furniture

Wave Settee Adirondack Rocker 1555
The Original Uwharrie Chair was created to offer not eco amicable all weather seating, but classically styled, comfortably designed outdoor accents. With rugged good looks and solid construction, the chairs and their companion pieces provide a balance of tasteful charm and lifestyle integrity.

Wave Settee Adirondack Rocker

Ridgecrest Aluminum Cushion Ottoman 1580
The Woodard Ridgecrest line of outdoor furniture offers you cushioned comfort in a traditionally styled aluminum patio chair. The expert tailoring (the over-all appearance of the furniture, it refers to the neatness of sewing or the visual detailing) details make line stand out with tufted back cushions, contrast welting (cord wrapped in fabric which is used to trim upholstery seams and places where the fabric meets exposed wood) and boxed chaise cushions. Ridgecrest is available in hundreds of

Ridgecrest Aluminum Cushion Ottoman

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Dining Set 19
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Teak Dining Set

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Dining Set

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Dining Set

Metal Dining Set Lounge Set 5
Metal Dining Set Lounge Set

Olive Dining Set 16
Olive Dining Set

Hemingway Bar Set 7
Hemingway Bar Set