Patio wrought iron furniture, garden accessories, hammocks and outdoor cushions.

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Patio furniture is a type of furniture designed for outdoor use. Outdoor furniture deals It is typically made of weather resistant materials, like treated wood, metal, plastic, glass, vinyl and stone. Patio furniture is often sold as a patio set, a table four or six chairs and an umbrella. Patios can serve as a place where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Usually, patio furniture items my include adirondack chairs, arbors, beach chairs, benches, hammocks, umbrellas, planters, porch swings, potting benches, bird baths, dog houses, fountains, garden bridges, grills, sundials, torches, weather vanes, and wind chimes. Click here for an online patio furniture storefront offering great outdoor and patio furniture, conversation set deals.

Patio furniture terms explained: Chaise lounge - An upholstered couch in the shape of a chair. Hammock - A network of thin rope, streched between 2 points, used to sleep or rest in. Porch swing - A hanging seat, usually found on a porch for relaxing. Umbrella - A collapsible canopy that protects from sun or rain.

Canvas Wall Art Touch Of Gold 1268
Transport yourself into nature with this stunning and vivid outdoor art piece

Canvas Wall Art Touch Of Gold

Fire Bowl 144
Fire Bowls are the hottest trend right now because of their simple, contemporary design and versatility of uses

Fire Bowl

Chaise Lounge 262
Each piece is fully welded and constructed with reliability and longevity in mind

Chaise Lounge

Rocker Side Table Natural Oil 409
This is the finest, best built weatherproof rocking chair available anywhere in the world, and is the same model used in 5 star hotels and resorts worldwide - and we are the manufacturer

Rocker Side Table Natural Oil

Settee 416
Each piece is fully welded and constructed with reliability and longevity in mind


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